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Why It's Important to Inspect Trees Before Removing Them

Updated: 4 days ago

Cincinnati Tree Rremoval

Deciding to remove a tree is a significant decision, especially in areas like Cincinnati where trees are integral to our landscape. Before taking action, it's crucial to have the tree inspected by experts like those at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. Here's why:

Understanding Tree Inspections

Tree inspections involve skilled professionals, including TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) arborists, who thoroughly examine trees to assess their health and safety. These experts look for signs of disease, damage, or structural issues that could pose risks.

Why Inspections Matter

  1. Safety First: Safety is our priority at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. Tree inspections find risks from weak or damaged trees, crucial during storms. We use low-impact methods and select safe equipment for tree removal, even in tight spots, to protect people and property.

  2. Preserving Trees: Inspections aren't just about removing trees; they also help explore options for tree care and preservation. Sometimes, a troubled tree can be treated or maintained to improve its health and stability, avoiding the need for removal.

  3. Compliance and Expert Guidance: Certified arborists like those at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. understand local regulations and guidelines for tree removal. Their expertise ensures that tree management practices align with safety standards and environmental considerations.

  4. TRAQ Arborists: At Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., we employ TRAQ-certified arborists who specialize in tree risk assessment. These professionals are trained to evaluate tree health and potential risks comprehensively. Their assessments provide detailed insights into the condition of trees, helping property owners like me make informed decisions.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

About Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc:

Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. is a trusted tree service company in Cincinnati known for its commitment to tree health and safety. Their team includes certified arborists with specialized training in tree risk assessment.

By working with Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., benefit from:

  • Expertise in Tree Care: The company's arborists have in-depth knowledge of tree biology, diseases, and maintenance practices.

  • Focus on Safety: Safety is paramount in their approach to tree management. Inspections and assessments prioritize identifying and mitigating risks.

Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc

In summary, tree inspections by qualified arborists like those at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. are essential for maintaining safety and preserving trees. Their expertise ensures responsible tree management and informed decision-making when considering tree removal or care. With their guidance, I can protect my landscape while enhancing the health and longevity of my trees.


Lester Leaf Tree-rific Trivia:

Lester Leaf Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc

The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) became an arborist certification around 2013. Developed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), TRAQ trains arborists in tree risk assessment and management. Arborists completing TRAQ demonstrate expertise in identifying and evaluating tree risks. Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. currently employs 5 TRAQ-certified arborists who collaborate with our crews to prioritize safety and ongoing learning, ensuring everyone remains safe and informed during tree care operations.


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