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Lester Leaf

Chief Foliage Ambassador

Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc.

Favorite Tree: Well, it's no surprise that my favorite tree is the mighty sycamore! As a sycamore leaf myself, I have a special affinity for these majestic giants. With their impressive size, distinctive bark, and broad leaves that provide ample shade, sycamore trees have always held a special place in my heart. Whenever I see a sycamore standing tall, I can't help but feel a sense of pride and kinship. After all, we sycamores stick together!

Favorite Color: Well, it's gotta be green! It's the color of life, growth, and all things leafy.

Favorite Food: You might find this funny, but my favorite snack is sunlight! Yep, that's right. Sunlight helps me make all the energy I need to flutter around and spread leafy cheer.

Favorite Season: While I love every season, there's something magical about autumn. I adore watching the leaves change color and feeling the crisp air on my veins.

Favorite Activity: Meeting other tree enthusiasts at community events is my absolute favorite! Whether it's a tree planting ceremony, an environmental fair, or a gardening workshop, I love mingling with fellow nature lovers, sharing stories, and exchanging tips on how to care for our leafy friends. It's always a blast to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for trees and the environment. Plus, there's nothing quite like the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that comes from coming together to celebrate the beauty and importance of nature.

Hey there! I'm Lester Leaf, your friendly sycamore leaf buddy straight outta Cincinnati!


I'm all about those lush Cincinnati landscapes – they're my stomping grounds! Did you know that sycamore trees can live for hundreds of years? Yup, I'm part of that legacy!



You know what gets me going? Community outreach and making sure our trees are healthy and happy! Fun fact: Sycamore leaves like me are great at providing shade on those hot summer days!


Spreading the Leaf Love:

Catch me fluttering about town, spreading the leaf love wherever I go! Whether it's hopping from one community event to another or simply rustling in the breeze at your local park, I'm always ready to make new friends and share some tree wisdom. Oh, and did I mention I'm part of the team at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc.? We are the Cincinnati Area Tree Health Professionals, specializing in feeding, pruning, tree planting, and, safely removing trees. We're dedicated to ensuring that our green friends thrive and flourish!

Interactive Engagements:

I love mingling with folks of all ages and spreading the tree love. Plus, I'm always up for a game of leaf tag – just try and catch me! Let's chat about the wonders of nature while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine together.


Education and Engagement:

I'm all about spreading the word on why tree health matters! From chatting up folks about it to busting out some impromptu tree-themed dances, I'm here to make learning fun. Did you know that trees like me help clean the air we breathe? It's true!

Lester Leaf


My goal? To bring smiles, teach about taking care of our environment, and show some love to our leafy pals! Together, we can make a difference, one leaf at a time!



Keep an eye out for me at Cincinnati events – you can't miss my green grin and cheerful vibes! And hey, if you ever need a leafy friend to chat with, I'm just a breeze away!

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