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Evergreen Tree Planting
Gregory Forrest Lester Tree Planting

Landscaping &
Tree Planting

The Tree Health Professionals at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. offer our clients only the best tree planting service when it comes to landscaping design. This includes selecting the type of plants you wish to incorporate, as well as using the newest landscaping technologies to achieve a stunning landscape.

Trees provide shade and beauty while also adding value to your residential or commercial property. Purchasing and planting trees is a great investment and one to

enjoy for many years to come.


Share your landscaping vision with us and

we can work with you to install a

well-designed,beautiful landscape.



For more information about our landscape design and tree planting services, call us at (513) 351-6100.

Comprehensive Tree Planting Service

Because we offer comprehensive tree planting service with knowledge of soil conditions as well as ongoing tree care, we recommend you employ a Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. certified arborist when planting trees, or transplanting trees. Hiring us will help you avoid costly long-term problems.

Planting Deciduous Trees

Any tree that loses its leaves in the winter is deciduous. Decide if you want a big tree or small tree. We can plant a spring flowering tree, a tree with variegated leaves, or a tree with beautiful fall colors. Some trees have decorative bark or colorful red berries after the leaves have fallen.

There are many options

to choose from.

Planting Evergreen Trees

These trees stay green year round. They are great for privacy or to block winds. Birds love spruces and pines. Some magnolias flower in the spring and hold their leaves in the winter just like evergreen trees.

Transplanting Trees

Transplant trees to an area in your yard where they will be able to grow to a mature size away

from the house, electrical wires or other obstacles.

Articles on Landscape Care 

Head over to our blog for some great planting and landscaping advice from our team of Tree Health Professionals!

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