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Specializing in Low Impact Tree Removal: Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc

Updated: 4 days ago

Tree Removal

If you're looking for expert tree removal services in Cincinnati that prioritize environmental sensitivity and safety, look no further than Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. We pride ourselves on utilizing innovative techniques to minimize impact while efficiently and effectively handling tree removal.

Low impact tree removal

At Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc, our approach is all about preserving the natural surroundings while achieving your tree removal goals. We specialize in low impact methods that prioritize the health of your property and the environment. One of our key techniques involves the use of skid steers, which exert only half the ground pressure of a person standing. This significantly reduces soil disturbance and prevents unnecessary damage to your landscape.

Tree removal can be a challenging task due to the sheer weight and size of the trees involved. However, we tackle this challenge with a commitment to low impact practices. When necessary, we deploy specialized mats and cranes to safely remove trees without causing disruption to the surrounding area. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to leave your property looking as if we were never there, except for the missing tree in your yard.

What sets us apart is our team of highly qualified arborists. We boast three Board Certified Master Arborists and five ISA Certified Arborists who lead our operations. Their expertise ensures that every tree removal project is executed with precision and care, considering factors such as tree health, environmental impact, and safety.

Cincinnati tree removal

Safety is paramount at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. Our team participates in daily safety talks and monthly training sessions to maintain the highest standards of safety on every job site. When you choose us for your tree removal needs, you can rest assured that every member of our team prioritizes safety above all else.

Whether you're searching for Cincinnati tree removal services or seeking a partner who values environmental responsibility and safety, Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc is your trusted solution. Contact us today to discuss your tree removal needs and experience the difference of low impact tree removal done right. Let us help you transform your landscape while leaving nature undisturbed.


Lester Leaf Tree-rific Trivia:

Lester Leaf

Did you know that a skid steer equipment exerts less ground pressure than a high heel shoe? This makes skid steers great for low impact tree removal in delicate environments.


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