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Nurturing Arboriculture Excellence: The Journey to ISA Arborist Certification with Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc.

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In the world of arboriculture, expertise is not just a luxury but a necessity. Trees are not merely green adornments; they are living organisms that require meticulous care and understanding. To ensure the health and longevity of these natural wonders, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) offers certifications that signify a high level of proficiency in the field. Among these, the ISA Certified Arborist and the coveted ISA Board Certified Master Arborist stand out as hallmarks of excellence.

At Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., a leading name in arboriculture services, this commitment to excellence is not just a philosophy but a way of life. With a team boasting 3 ISA Board Certified Master Arborists and 5 ISA Certified Arborists, the company sets a benchmark for professionalism and skill in the industry.

Before delving into the journey towards ISA certification, it's crucial to understand what these certifications entail:

  • ISA Certified Arborist (ISA CA):

  • This certification demonstrates an individual's knowledge and competence in the field of arboriculture. It covers a broad range of topics including tree biology, identification, selection, installation, and maintenance.

  • ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA):

    • Considered the pinnacle of ISA certifications, achieving BCMA status requires not only a deep understanding of arboriculture but also significant professional experience and a commitment to continuing education. BCMA candidates must pass a comprehensive exam and meet strict eligibility criteria.

Becoming an ISA Certified Arborist or a BCMA is no easy feat. It requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for trees. Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. recognizes the importance of nurturing talent within its team and provides ample support for individuals seeking certification.

Arborist Training
  • Education and Training:

    • The journey typically begins with education and training. Team members at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. are encouraged to pursue relevant coursework and attend workshops and seminars to expand their knowledge base. Weekly classes organized by the company offer invaluable insights into arboriculture principles, techniques, and best practices.

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  • Field Experience:

    • Hands-on experience is indispensable in arboriculture. Aspiring arborists at Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. are given opportunities to work alongside seasoned professionals, gaining practical skills and honing their craft in real-world scenarios. Fieldwork not only enhances technical proficiency but also instills a deep appreciation for the complexities of tree care.

ISA Class
  • Study and Preparation:

    • Preparing for ISA certification exams requires focused study and preparation. Team members are provided with study materials, resources, and mentorship to help them navigate the vast body of knowledge covered in the exams. Regular assessments and mock exams help gauge progress and identify areas for improvement.

  • Exam Success:

    • Achieving ISA certification is a significant milestone in an arborist's career. With the guidance and support of Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., individuals are well-equipped to excel in their exams and earn their certification. Whether pursuing ISA Certified Arborist or BCMA status, success reflects not only individual competence but also the company's commitment to excellence.

The Value of Certification

ISA certification is more than just a badge of honor; it is a testament to professionalism, expertise, and dedication to the arboriculture profession. For Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., having a team comprising ISA-certified arborists is a point of pride and a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Becoming an ISA Certified Arborist or a Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA) is a journey that requires passion, perseverance, and ongoing learning. At Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., this journey is nurtured and supported every step of the way. With a team comprised of 3 ISA Board Certified Master Arborists and 5 ISA Certified Arborists, our company stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of arboriculture, dedicated to the health and vitality of trees and the communities they enrich.

For those in need of an arborist in Cincinnati, Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. offers unparalleled expertise and commitment to tree care.

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