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Why you need a Certified Arborist?

Updated: Mar 4

Landscape Cincinnati

Just like your Doctor, your Attorney, your Financial Advisor, you need a Certified Arborist for life. Your trees and landscape need more than just a little weeding and pruning a few times a year – tree and plant healthcare is a vital part of keeping your landscaping healthy and thriving for years to come.

WHY DO YOU NEED OUR TREE & PLANT HEALTHCARE PROGRAM? Just like any other living creature, your trees require specific care and attention in order to stay as healthy as possible. When your trees are thriving, they can provide you with many benefits in your landscaping and community. Sickly, dying, or dead trees, however, can become a liability and a danger to your home and person very quickly. Since not every ailment, stress, or issue is obvious to you, the homeowner, it’s important to get a second, professional opinion. The certified arborists at Lester Tree Health Professionals will do an assessment on your tree’s health, which includes several different aspects, such as the structural integrity of the tree, any symptoms of diseases, any signs of pests, and the health of the soil the trees are growing in. While some of these issues may be able to be seen by anyone, a lot of the problems are not apparent until they are in their later stages. At the very least, we recommend a yearly inspection in order to prevent anything from becoming a bigger issue. Preventative care is the easiest to manage, and treating a tree that’s suffering from a later stage of pest, disease, or other ailments will be more difficult and most likely more expensive.
Tree Disease Treatment

HOW IT HELPS SOIL AND FERTILIZATION If the soil is deficient in nutrients, your trees could be in danger of dying if the issue isn’t remedied. These trees will experience limited growth and not be as strong as a tree that is receiving the nutrients it needs. Meaning, that weakened trees are more likely to be taken down by diseases and potential pests. At Lester Tree Health Professionals, we inspect your trees for any symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in order to recommend the best treatment plan for your trees and plants. If fertilization is needed, we have many different options depending on your needs and preferences
Tree disease

Many pests and diseases can be difficult to detect, even while they are actively causing damage. Getting your trees inspected on a regular basis allows us to identify problems and offer treatment solutions before they have a chance to destroy and even kill your trees. Whether the issue is aphids, bark beetles, sudden oak death, etc. we can offer solutions to treat the problem. If your trees require treatments, Lester Tree Health Professionals offers comprehensive methods to treat the diseases and/or pests causing the decay.

GET STARTED WITH OUR TREE & PLANT HEALTHCARE PROGRAM TODAY! If you are interested in ensuring that your trees are optimally healthy and will stay that way for years to come, reach out to us! We are ready to schedule a consultation with you to make sure the trees in your landscaping are in the best shape possible. Please contact us for assistance in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area today!

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