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What a Tree Inspection Is and Why You Need One

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Inspections are required for everything from cars, to teeth, to restaurants.

Regular checkups that help prevent future problems are essential for maintaining the health and quality of various people and things, including your trees. Yes, trees require inspections as well to have any current problems detected and future issues addressed.

Cincinnati Certified Arborist

When performed by a professional certified arborist, a tree inspection can save you future trouble and help preserve your beautiful trees’ health. Read on to learn more about what regular tree inspections can provide.

What is a Tree Inspection?

A tree inspection will include a careful examination of your trees. During the inspection, an arborist will evaluate the tree’s structure to determine the health of the bark, branches, and more. The results from the examination can tell the arborist important information about the tree.

Tree Inspection

Inspections Can Diagnose Tree Infections Early Tree inspections will include the arborist looking for tell-tale signs of infection caused by bacteria, fungi, or insects. A knowledgeable arborist will be able to consider regional diseases and pests to help them diagnose potential issues as soon as they spot signs of illness.

Identify Structural Damage

Storm Damaged Tree

Physical damage previously unnoticed due to construction, storms, or incorrect pruning can be identified during tree inspections.

Noticing and repairing any physical damages is essential for your tree’s health, as structural problems make it difficult for the tree to take in required oxygen and water.

Determine Tree Watering Needs

A tree inspection can help you plan a proper watering routine for your tree. This can be especially helpful if you have recently planted a tree and want to make sure it can grow to its fullest potential. Based on the tree’s type, age, season, and your previous watering habits, your arborist can recommend the best watering system and guide you on implementing it.

If you are interested in ensuring that your trees are optimally healthy and will stay that way for years to come, reach out to us! We are ready to schedule a consultation with you to make sure the trees in your landscaping are in the best shape possible. Please contact us for assistance in the Tri-State Area today!

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