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"Maximizing Tree Health: 6 Essential Care Tips for Spring"

Updated: Feb 28

Spring is right around the corner! Help the trees in your yard get healthy and stay healthy with Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc.  Tree Health Professionals. We’ll help you make sure your trees are ready for spring and summer with these essential tree care tips. 

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1. Inspect Your Trees for Pests and Damage

Winter is hard on trees. In addition to the insects and animals that may have made their home in your trees, you may also see signs of disease or damage from winter storms. If you’re not sure if what you’re seeing is a disease, let our experienced arborists take a look and assess your trees health.

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2. Add a New Layer of Mulch

Cold winter temperatures are sure to have dried out the soil around the base of your trees and their roots. One way to get moisture back to your trees is with a helpful layer of mulch that will protect against dry soil and weeds. However, because mulch traps moisture, make sure the mulch stays around the base of the tree and not up the trunk. We recommend 3 to 4 inches of mulch - any more than that is considered a “mulch volcano” and can be a tree killer!

Cincinnati Trees

3. Prune Your Trees

Just like getting a trim helps your hair grow, tree pruning is a great way to prepare your trees for spring. The best time to prune trees is right before the trees begin to turn green. Pruning is a great chance to remove dead or diseased branches as well as give your tree more room to grow by preventing branches from crowding. 

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4. Fertilize

Give your trees a boost with a round of fertilizer! Spring is a great time to fertilize your trees because they can use that fertilizer to help them grow and blossom through the spring and summer.

5. Give Them a Drink

Your trees are thirsty after the cold winter, and they’ll keep being thirsty as we go into the hot summer months. The watering process varies from tree to tree, as each tree will need water depending on species, size, and age. Watering deeply is always better than watering frequently because tree roots are about 18-24 inches below the ground’s surface. The deeper the water goes, the better chance the roots have to retain water

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6. Remove Dead Trees and Plant New

Preventative tree assessments and removing dead trees are essential for getting your yard ready for spring. A tree assessment will alert you to any issues that may become hazardous later into the season. If you do have to get a tree professionally removed because it’s diseased or interfering with your plans, there’s always a chance to plant a new tree and bring new life to your yard.

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