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Lester Leaf's Great Fall at Touch a Truck Events

Meet Lester Leaf

Hello, tree-loving friends! If you've ever attended a touch a truck event in Green Township or the Village of Green Hill, chances are you've met our cheerful mascot, Lester Leaf. Lester Leaf is not just any mascot; he's the heart and soul of our family-owned business, Gregory Forrest Lester Inc., specializing in top-notch tree care and maintenance.

For the past three years, Lester Leaf has been a highlight at these community gatherings, delighting families and showcasing some of the tools and techniques we use daily in our tree care operations. Our daughters, avid supporters of Lester Leaf, eagerly anticipate these events each year, ready to assist and explore alongside their beloved mascot.

This year was particularly special as we were invited to participate in the Village of Green Hill's inaugural touch a truck event at their lively fall festival. It was an honor to be included, given that both Green Township and Green Hill municipalities entrust us with their tree care needs.

Lester Leaf thrives in these settings, reveling in the joy of meeting families and allowing them a glimpse into our tree care world. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he's always ready to strike a pose for photographs or break out into a spontaneous dance to entertain the crowd.

If you have an upcoming event where Lester Leaf's presence would bring smiles and excitement, don't hesitate to reach out to our office. We're more than happy to coordinate and bring along our lovable mascot to add a touch of leafy charm to your gathering.

These touch a truck events are not just about showcasing our equipment; they're about fostering community connections and sharing our passion for trees and nature. Lester Leaf embodies this spirit wholeheartedly, and we look forward to many more joyful events with him leading the way.

Whether you're a tree enthusiast, a curious child, or simply looking for a fun family outing, keep an eye out for Lester Leaf at your next local event. He's always ready to make new friends and spread the love for trees, one leaf at a time.

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