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Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Updated: 4 days ago

Trees provide a wealth of benefits to both us and our local environment. By improving air quality and providing shade, to enhancing the beauty of our yards, trees are an essential part of any Cincinnati landscape. Given their value, deciding to remove a tree can be a challenging decision. Nevertheless, there are situations where tree removal is necessary to mitigate risks or to update one’s property. Our team of ISA Board Certified Arborists at Gregory Forrest Lester Inc. can help you decide when it is time to remove a tree from your yard. In the meantime, here is a list of reasons why you should consider removing one (or more) of your trees.

Dead Trees
Tree Removal Cincinnati

Trees may die from many causes, including disease, pests, or injury. When this happens the tree’s structural integrity is compromised and as such, the tree becomes a fall risk. These trees are past the point of help and must be removed, especially when they are near buildings, utility lines, or roadways. Dead trees are more likely to drop large limbs—or collapse entirely—during storms causing immense damage to their surroundings. Removing dead trees keeps everything and everyone on your property safe. 

Diseased Trees
Dying Tree Cincinnati

A tree troubled with disease can often be saved when caught early enough by an expert. However, there are times when a disease causes severe damage to the tree’s structure, such as trunk damage. Diseased trees with damaged trunks pose safety risks due to their weakened structure and should be removed. Along with this, diseased trees can also pose a danger to the rest of the trees on your property. Some diseases and pests can spread throughout your yard like wildfire when they are not treated properly, damaging not only the first tree but all the rest as well. Because of this, it may be easier to remove the first diseased tree on your property to save the rest. Our expert arborists can help you decide when a diseased tree is beyond saving and help you minimize any threat to the rest of your landscape.

Damaged Trees
Damaged Tree

Tree damage typically occurs during violent storms when strong gusts of wind break off large limbs. Normally, healthy and mature trees can recover from this type of damage when given proper aid in recovery. However, more severe damage, such as lighting strikes or damage to older trees, can cause immense structural damage. In these cases, it is best to remove the tree before it falls and damages your property.

Personal Preference
Cincinnati Trees

Aside from the more significant factors prompting tree removal, there is always the consideration of aesthetics. Perhaps a tree doesn't align with your landscaping vision or maybe it is casting too much shade on your garden hindering plant growth. In these cases, our crews can remove these trees with minimal disruption to your landscaping. 


There exists a variety of reasons why you may decide to remove a tree from your property. In any case, our team of ISA Board Certified Arborists and ISA Certified Arborists can help you determine when the time is right to remove a tree from your yard. And, if you decide to remove a tree from your yard, our crews specialize in minimal intrusion removal while staying attentive to your every need. 


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