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Cincinnati Trees Don't Go Dormant

You might think “ this guy is crazy, my trees don’t have leaves and they aren’t growing” I’ll say it again CINCINNATI TREES DON’T GO DORMANT!

Dormant trees Cincinnati

Now you’re wondering, “why would he say that? What does he know that I don’t? What should I be doing with my trees? Is it wrong to forget about my trees in the winter?”

Tree in snow

But here's the truth: Cincinnati trees don't go dormant in the traditional sense.

While it may seem like everything above ground is in a state of rest during winter, what lies beneath the surface is far from inactive. In fact, the roots of your trees are actively preparing for the upcoming seasons, leveraging the region's temperature fluctuations to their advantage.

Despite the confusion caused by erratic weather, there's both good and bad news. The downside is that our trees never truly get a break, constantly navigating through changing conditions. Yet, on the bright side, this perpetual activity below ground allows them to fortify themselves for the challenges ahead.

Deep root treatment Cincinnati

One significant benefit is the continuous growth of roots whenever the soil temperature exceeds freezing. Unlike air temperatures, which can fluctuate dramatically, the ground temperature remains relatively stable, enabling roots to expand and strengthen. Even during short periods of freezing air temperatures, the ground typically doesn't freeze deeply enough to halt root growth entirely.

So, why does any of this matter to you as a homeowner? Because caring for your trees isn't just a seasonal task—it's a year-round commitment. By investing in treatments that nourish the soil directly around the roots, such as liquid root feeding and nutrient root hydration, you can support your trees' growth and enhance soil quality.

At Gregory Forrester Lester, Inc., we're here to ensure that your trees receive the attention and care they need, whenever they need it. With our team of Board Certified Master Arborists and Certified Arborists, you can trust that your trees will receive the best care possible. Whether it's summer heat or winter chill, count on us to be your partners in tree care excellence.

Additionally, Gregory Forrester Lester, Inc. offers specialized tree treatments designed

to feed not only your trees but also the soil they rely on. These treatments are tailored to enhance root growth and improve soil conditions, ensuring that your trees thrive regardless of the weather fluctuations. With our expertise and dedication to tree care excellence, we're committed to providing the nourishment and support your trees need to flourish year-round.

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