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Nutrient Injections

Nutrients critical for building tree health, strength, and vigor 

Micronutrients essential for improving and maintaining tree vigor including:

  • Iron, Magnesium, Nitrogen , Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc

  • Direct injection into the trees vascular system, like a tree I.V. 

  • Results can be realized immediately and long term 

  • Stimulates foliar and root growth

  • Rapidly available nutrients 

Tree Injections

What it really does

Lester Leaf
  • Mitigates Environmental stresses 

  • Improves nutritional deficiencies 

  • Recovers root systems that are damaged from many factors such as compaction, construction, root rot, etc. 

  • Preventative frost protection 

  • Frost damage recovery 

  • Insect damage recovery 

  • Disease damage recovery 

  • Strengthens root system 

  • Increases root density and expansion 

  • Advances overall tree health 

  • Recovers leaf color and size

Super Charge Your Tree's Health

Combine nutrient injection and liquid root feeding for best results

Nutrient Injections to effectively help manage nutrient deficiencies, root damage, environmental stress, frost damage recovery, and more. Finally this treatment will improve tree and plant health making it less susceptible to insect and disease issues.

Liquid Root Feeding to help build the root system and the health of the tree making it less likely to be a victim of pest and disease, while also having more vigor and beauty.

Lester Leaf
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