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Liquid Root Feeding

More than just your average fertilizer

Experience the benefits of Liquid Root Feeding, a specialized tree health service that goes beyond traditional fertilization methods. Our approach involves directly applying nutrients into the root zone, ensuring your trees receive maximum benefits.​

Application method directly into the root zone so the tree gets the full benefit: 

  • Mixed with plenty of water so the tree can easily uptake from the roots

  • Pressurized hydro injection to cut through the clay soil 

  • Injected directly to the roots past any competing roots such as grass and ivy  

  • Dispersed throughout the entire root  zone. We do more than the drip line, injected from the trunk of the tree out past the canopy to promote a larger root system 

Proven Ingredients
for the

Get to Know Us

Discover the importance of balanced nutrition for your trees with Liquid Root Feeding. Our expertly formulated treatments deliver a precise blend of essential macronutrients and micronutrients directly to the root zone. These nutrients are vital for supporting overall tree health, encouraging robust growth, and enhancing resistance to stress and disease.


Macronutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are essential for improving and maintaining tree vigor. They provide steady long-term feeding. 


Micronutrients (including iron, manganese, and zinc) are critical for tree and plant overall health

What it really does

  • Decreases soil compaction 

  • Replenishes soil deficiencies  

  • Aerates the soil 

  • Strengthens root system and tree 

  • Increases root density and expansion 

  • Improves deficient clay soils

  • Advances overall tree health 

  • Recovers leaf color and size 

Unhealthy Soil

Compacted Dry 

 Lack of nutrients

Healthy Soil

Not compacted


Lots of nutrients

Why it's Neccessary

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