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Nutrient Root Hydration

100% Natural organic product with over 11 ingredients to create a rich source of organic building blocks, far beyond ordinary fertilizer.

How it's applied

  • Mixed with plenty of water so the tree can easily uptake from the roots

  • Pressurized hydro injection to cut through the clay soil 

  • Injected directly to the roots past any competing roots such as grass and ivy  

Lester Leaf

What it Really Does

Active Humic acid retains nutrient ions and mobilizes phosphates for tree uptake, including iron, manganese, and magnesium.

Lester Leaf

Root Growth and Development
Organic Matter to Improve Clay
Nutrient Holding Capacity
Water Penetration
Carbon Content
Beneficial Micro Organisms

Transplant Stress

Soil Compaction

Soil Alkalinity

Salt Content

Mineral Deficiencies


Tree Health Professionals

Get to Know Us

  • Nutrient Root Hydration- To reduce stress and encourage root growth 

  • Liquid Root Feeding- To build the root zone and support overall health

Trees in our yard are not in their natural environment, adding nutrients and organic material helps the tree acclimate and thrive in our yards.

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