Why Fertilize Your Trees in the Fall

Fall Tree Feeding is Necessary and Extremely Beneficial for Trees in Cincinnati

Fall Tree Fertilization in CincinnatiHomeowners may not realize the full importance of maintaining their trees by performing regularly scheduled tasks throughout the year to keep their trees healthy. In the Cincinnati area, fertilizing your trees in the fall is very important to maintaining the proper health of trees. After fall fertilization, the trees are ready for the the spring growing season and will be much healthier looking.

Many homeowners are unaware that while trees in a forest are fertilized naturally, trees planted outside of forests require help in the form of fertilizing. In the forest, trees obtain nutrients through the cycle of leaves and fallen branches that decompose and provide nourishment to the surrounding trees.

When trees are planted in yards, however, they do not receive nutrients that way since most people do not allow leaves and other organic debris to decompose in their yards. Additionally, trees planted in yards are in competition for nutrients with lawns, shrubs, flowers and any other plants that may be nearby. This is why in the greater Cincinnati area, fall tree feeding is necessary and extremely beneficial for trees. Liquid root feeding will help the tree be stronger throughout the harsh winter and be better equipped to ward off damage from disease and insects.

Why Liquid Rood Feeding is Important for Tree Fertilizing 

There are different ways to fertilize a tree, but the best way is through liquid root feeding, which is deep root fertilization to improve the overall health of the tree. Liquid root feeding will get the nutrients down to the root area where a tree needs it most. A healthier root system benefits the entire tree from top to bottom.

Liquid root feeding is an injection of liquid fertilizer at high pressure in the areas where tree roots are present. Not only does this provide nutrients to the tree roots, but it also helps to break up any compaction of soil around the tree roots that may impede the continued growth of the roots.

The expected results from liquid root feeding are that the tree will:

  • Form a stronger root system
  • Appear healthier and stronger
  • Have a longer life span through annual feedings

The Experts to Trust for Liquid Root Feeding

With over 50 years as Tree Health Professionals and six certified arborists, Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. can provide the best advice for homeowners in the Cincinnati area who have questions regarding the health of their trees.  Call today at  (513) 351-6100.

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