What to Consider Before Removing a Large Tree

Removing a Large Tree

Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. Preparing to Remove Large Tree

The trees on your property provide a beautiful view as well as shade from the sun.  Not to mention the wildlife that live in the branches, giving your home or business a more natural and pleasant setting.   Although trees improve the value of your property, sometimes a tree can pose a serious danger.

A tree standing too close to a building or structure, poses a serious risk.  A storm can topple a tree, causing it to fall into your home or business; and cause severe damage to your property. Additionally, a tree falling on your property is a danger to people and animals. Sometimes instead of the removing the tree, several large branches can be trimmed or removed.

Large damaged tree branches will fall at any time.  Not only can this cause property damage and personal injury, it can also lead to lawsuits that hold you liable for injuries incurred. No matter how old, trees are continuously growing. Near the roadside or on your property, limbs can threaten power lines.  These branches need to be trimmed in order to avoid injury, property damage and the possible loss of communication or power throughout that area.

Use a Qualified Cincinnati Area Tree Care Professional

Crane Lifting Branch while Removing Tree

Qualified tree service companies have specialized equipment, such as cranes and bucket trucks that are necessary for the job.

If you have trees on your property that pose any of these risks, you should look for a qualified Cincinnati tree removal contractorRemoving large trees and limbs, if not performed correctly, can result in damage to you or your property.  When in doubt, hire a professional. Trying to remove trees yourself can result in any number of accidents.  A certified tree removal contractor will safely remove trees and branches so there is no damage to your property.  Additionally, tree service companies have specialized equipment, such as cranes and bucket trucks that are necessary for the job. 

A Cincinnati tree removal contractor will carefully and safely remove branches and trees that pose a risk to property or life.  They will properly dispose of branches and trunks that have been cut down.  In addition to removing trees, they can examine other trees on your property and treat any diseases found, recommend fertilization programs, and perform pruning for safety and to enhance the beauty of your trees and property.

If you are in need of a tree removal service in the greater Cincinnati area, contact Gregory Forrest Lester.  Their 6 certified arborists will provide the safe, fast and effective service, and have been caring for trees in Cincinnati and the surrounding counties for over 50 years.

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