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Fungicide Spray

What it really does

Fungicide sprays are crucial for stopping and preventing fungal diseases on tree leaves and needles. They target specific fungi like powdery mildew, applied before outbreaks to halt their spread. Several treatments may be needed based on the plant and disease. Timing and application are key, along with other management methods. Environmental factors are considered to maximize effectiveness and minimize harm.

Lester Leaf

How it's applied

Applied with high-pressure spray equipment to ensure thorough coverage with a fine mist, which is crucial for effective disease control. Treatments are timed based on environmental conditions and disease presence, applied regularly throughout the year. Typically done in a series of sprays every 2-4 weeks, with 3 or more applications often necessary for best results.

Common Diseases

Does your tree look like any of these? Diseases found on trees can lead to decline, loss of aesthetic appeal, and even tree death. However, there are treatments available to improve tree health and resilience. A healthier tree is stronger and less susceptible to disease, ensuring its longevity and beauty in your landscape.

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