Protect Your Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer adult

Emerald Ash Borer Adult – Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Residents, business owners and public officials are all extremely concerned about the relentless spread of the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio. This pretty-but-nasty beetle has killed millions of trees in the Midwest in just six years. And now this invasive insect has been identified in all eight counties in the Greater Cincinnati area.

If you have ash trees, you should be very worried about emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you haven’t already had a certified arborist assess your trees and make treatment recommendations, do not wait any longer. 

Looks can be deceiving

Just because your trees look healthy doesn’t mean they are. And just because you haven’t seen any beetles or larvae doesn’t mean they aren’t present. There can be a significant time lag between initial infection and visible symptoms.

You should learn how to identify the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio, so you can effectively keep watch effectively.

Not sure if you have ash trees? You can try to identify them yourself, but it makes more sense to call an ISA certified arborist. They’ll quickly identify your trees, and they know even hard-to-detect signs that could indicate the presence of emerald ash borer – or another problem. They’re up-to-date on the latest developments concerning the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati,Ohio.

Early treatment could save your trees

In quarantined counties, you can be sure infected trees are nearby. Even if your area isn’t quarantined, if you’re within 10-15 miles of an infected area you’re at risk. Remember, the emerald ash borer flies to its next meal.

Consulting a professional ensures you’ll get the latest best-practice treatment recommendations specifically geared toward emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio, whether you need chemical treatment or tree removal. Costs vary, and you’ll need to consider the condition of your trees and how many you have. 

Timing is everything

Mature trees have tremendous economic value as well as aesthetic and even sentimental importance. Why run the risk of losing shade and leafy landscaping for your home, your business, parks and streets, the entire community?

Calling a certified arborist can protect and preserve your trees, helping them fend off the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding areas and assuring them a healthy future.

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