My Tree Doesn’t Look Good — What Is Wrong With My Tree?

Why is my tree not looking good?

Trees start showing signs of sickness when under stress.  Stress can be caused by many different factor; and trees handle adverse conditions, however, when several stress factors are at work at the same time your tree may become ill.   If your tree looks like it needs some help, it probably does.  Always consult an ISA certified arborist for assistance in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree health concerns. Listed below are tree stressors:

Tree Under Stress

Trees start showing signs of sickness when under stress.

Tree Water Management

Is your tree getting enough water, or too much water?  Are you watering correctly?  Trees need a deep watering.  It is important to soak the ground to the distance of the tree’s drip line.  Water infrequently; when you do water, give the tree a lot to drink.  After a deep watering, be sure to let the roots dry before watering again.  If you water too frequently the tree’s roots could develop root rot.

Tree Nutrition

Tree’s get their food from the soil.  If your soil is lacking the nutrients your tree needs to be healthy, you will start to see symptoms that your tree is sick.  Fertilize your tree to give it what it needs to grow healthy.

Tree Pests & Disease

Insects, mites, borers and disease contribute greatly to a tree’s stress.  Leaf-eating insects reduce the tree’s ability to carry on the process of photosynthesis.  Mites, borers and disease will suck the life out of a tree.  Environmentally safe pesticides and specialized injections can be used to fight back against pests and disease.

Environmental Conditions

Trees are affected by the sun, shade, rain, wind, and ice.  Some trees need a lot of sun while others prefer the shade.  Too much rain can breed disease on some trees while other trees’ roots will soak up all the rain they can get and remain disease free.  Wind and ice can break tree limbs and cause a tree to uproot.

Cultural Practices

Mulch in excess can harm your tree.  Using no mulch and letting grass grow up to the tree trunk can have a negative impact on a tree.  Sprinkler systems designed to water grass sometimes encourage disease and fungus on a tree.

Tree Species-Site Selection

Match the correct tree species to an ideal growing location.  A tree will grow slower and be more susceptible to pests and disease when growing in a climate less than ideal.  Select and plant trees native to your area. For advice on what plant, consult an ISA certified arborist.

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