Masonry and Patio Landscaping in Cincinnati

Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. can build a new outdoor patio, walkway, or restore a well used, broken, or worn stone patio to new condition. New stonework will improve the value of your property as well as usability. Regular upkeep for your masonry chimney will keep it looking great for many years. Sometimes, even the most proactive property owners can be surprised by deterioration left by previous owners. So while in an ideal world, repointing would be the only masonry service the typical masonry chimney requires, in reality you might discover unidentified issues with your masonry.

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Patio Landscaping will improve Your Outdoor Space

Masonry Work - Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc.

Masonry Work

Patio landscaping is among the best ways to improve your outdoor living space. An outdoor patio is a wonderful location for morning coffee, weekend brunch, entertaining with family and friends or just spending time to unwind. However without some type of landscaping it can appear austere and uninteresting.

Outdoor patio landscaping can also be a part of garden design. Gardens are frequently planned and planted around outdoor patios. Making the appropriate material choice is important. Stone patios look more natural and lend themselves well to an increasingly traditional, natural look.

Concrete and aggregate constructions are used to create contrasts or sharp points of differentiation between natural features and outdoor structures that provide a more functional purpose for outdoor living. It’s common for customers to ask us to create an outdoor patio between a back garden area and an outdoor space of some kind to provide transition from strictly decorative space to a functional space.

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Keeping Your Masonry Chimney in Good Shape is Easy with Gregory Forrest Lester

With time, masonry and chimney materials deteriorate and significant problems occur. Contact the certified chimney professionals at Gregory Forrest Lester the instant you notice chimney masonry irregularities or defects. If you’re not sure about your chimney’s situation, we can help with our professional inspection services to examine your chimney and figure out the best options to suit your needs. Call (513) 351-6100 now to schedule an inspection or maintenance for your masonry chimney. Our services are designed to accommodate a range of customers such as commercial buildings, condominiums, Co-op buildings, apartment buildings, schools, government buildings, industrial buildings, and commercial offices.

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