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Answers to Cincinnati Tree Trimming Questions

Cincinnati Tree Trimming

Why should I prune my trees? Increased light penetration, air circulation, and healthy growth are 3 reasons to trim trees in Cincinnati.  More light from the sun reduces the risk of fungal diseases developing on leaf surfaces.  Greater airflow throughout the canopy reduces storm damage and the risk of your tree splitting.  And when you prune Read More...

What to Consider Before Removing a Large Tree

Removing a Large Tree

The trees on your property provide a beautiful view as well as shade from the sun.  Not to mention the wildlife that live in the branches, giving your home or business a more natural and pleasant setting.   Although trees improve the value of your property, sometimes a tree can pose a serious danger. A tree standing too close to a building or Read More...

Emerald Ash Borer Contributing to Power Outages in Ohio

EAB Factor in Ohio Power Outage

The Dayton Daily News reported on Thursday, Dead and dying trees — especially ash trees 
destroyed by the emerald ash borer — contributed heavily to storm-related power outages that affected more than a million Ohioans, Dayton Power & Light said Thursday. DP&L said more ash trees could fall. Some dying trees outside the utility’s Read More...

Protect Your Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer adult

Residents, business owners and public officials are all extremely concerned about the relentless spread of the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, Ohio. This pretty-but-nasty beetle has killed millions of trees in the Midwest in just six years. And now this invasive insect has been identified in all eight counties in the Greater Cincinnati Read More...

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